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When to start Clomid or other!

Hi girls,

I hope you are keeping well.

I will stop taking my contraceptive pill in January and I am planning on not taking anything for a couple of months to check my cycles. I had my ovaries drilled last month so hopefully I should have regular cycles.

I will take notes of them anyway and we will start trying to conceive in March.

If I don't have regular cycles and I don't get pregnant quickly, how long should I wait to go and see my GP?

Can GP prescribe treatment for fertility or would I need to be referred to a gyne? I still have an open appointment with my gyne so do you think I should contact them directly to get an appointment?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi I went to see my gp about ttc and after almost a year of trying my gp then referred me to a fertility clinic. At the clinic I was put on miroxyprogesage to regulate my periods and I have had a xray done on my tubes to make sure they arnt blocked and if there clear I will then be put on clomid to start ovulation I hope I get on this soon as I have herd good things about it like you have a 30% chance each month to become pregnant. ..a normal couple who don't have fertility problems is about 25%.

Hope this helps.

Also just to add on the nhs appointment times etc take a while so I would suggest you talk to your Gp sooner rather than later x


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