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skinny with pcos

Hey Guys, i'm 29 and thin but suffering from pcos. I knew i have a pcos since 2013. i'm trying to have a baby but no luck so i have been to doctor about my problem so on. later that year i was diagnosed with pcos. at that time i really didn't have any idea about pcos and i really don't care about it cause doctor advise us to go through IVF . and we try it but no success at all. IVF was painfull ,emotional, and expencive journey for us. I'm still trying to be healthy but no luck yet. I'm taking some natural supplement such as vitex and maca. but its not helping me . if anybody has any ideas and experience please advise me.

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I know that from experience despite having pcos one can get pregnant naturally.

I have had pcos ofr 14 years, now 29 years old and conceived naturally in 2013 without seeing my period.

I guess this is the area that requires research, how was I able to conceive without a period, perhaps someone with pcos can still ovulate with no period.

Don't give up hope, eat healthy, try yoga, continue taking your folic acid and it will happen.


Thank you Zahara, i have a some hope now.


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