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Gluten and Yeast Free Bread


I am so pleased to say that my second attempt at a Gluten and Yeast Free bread has worked, it tastes delicious.

If any of you would like therefore please see the link below:

It's so easy to make.

Happy baking.😀

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What a great effort - this looks fastastic, I am very keen on everything I eat to be yeast free - so I will definately be trying out this recipe - thank you xx

Thank you Debs, I was so pleased that it tasted delicious as the gluten/yeast free sourdough I made about 2 months ago was awful.

Happy baking😀xx


😀 - I doubt very much mine will look anything like yours - maybe after a few attempts x

Withb the fabulous creations you make you'll make a beautiful loaf😀xx

Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Thats so sweet, thank you so much xx

We'll you do create some lovely food.😀 xx

Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Awwww - thank you 😊


Yes I'm going to try this when I can get all the ingredients. Looks pretty good to me 👍😺

crazyfitnessStar in reply to BoohPear

It tastes delicious. One word of warning, it's quite crumbly but tastes delicious so I can accept that😀

Thank you. Well worth a try by the look of yours though. Yummy x 😺

Most definitely as it tastes delicious and thank you for the lovely compliment😀

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