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Back to home cooking and gluten and yeast free


As some of you know I had food poisoning back in November and have had a lot of investigative work done via our wonderful NHS.

I decided to see a Nutritionist recommended by a friend of mine this week and she actually confirmed some of my suspicions. I am highly sensitive to gluten, yeast, oats, barley, wheat, cows' milk, which of course I don't have as I'm Vegan and wheat germ. I have a medium sensitivity to peas, chocolate, formalin (I looked this up on the internet and I think it's something in cleaning fluids). Mixed Moulds come up as low sensitivity but I'm unsure what these are.

I am starting to feel better already.😀

I will definitely be making everything from scratch now I'm much better.

On another note, does anyone have a good recipe for gluten and yeast free bread? A big ask I know. I'm scratching my head for lunch ideas.

Here's to a healthy future.

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Hi Alicia, firstly I'm so glad that you're starting to feel better as you've had a rough time of things.

Now my favourite subject gluten free bread baking, I have tried yeast free gf bread and it was like a a cross between a savoury cake and a loaf. So I would try a few things, tortilla's flat breads and savoury nut bars.

You can also make potato/sweet potato salads for lunch or pasta salads just take it to work in a lunch box and you'll be the envy of everyone else.

Onion bhaji's are made with gram flour as are falafels you could also make vegan Spanish omelettes again with gram flour and they'd make a great lunch.

I have not made these but they obviously work so here's a link that answers your original question, please see:

I wish you well with this and look forward to hearing how you get on.


crazyfitnessStar in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry

Thank you so much for your suggestions, I really appreciate that. also for the link. If I'd been asked to create a cake, no problem😉 but ideas for meals I'm stumped.

I'm going to click on a link and have a good look.

Once again, thank you so much, this forum is amazing.😀

Jerry in reply to crazyfitness

You're welcome Alicia as I agree this is a great forum. I see they use a mix of oat flour with tapioca starch, I'd use supermarket gf self raising flour as thats oat free and what I use.

And good luck you'll be the envy at work soon...😀

crazyfitnessStar in reply to Jerry

Thank you Jerry and yes it's an excellent forum. I'll have a go with the supermarket flour, I get confused with the amount of separate flours that some recipes call for i.e. Millet, Sourghum etc etc.

Finished work now and my health was one of the reasons for leaving.

Thank you :)

learn-2016 in reply to Jerry

Thank you Jerry i am going to try this vegan yeast free breadsticks too.

thank you crasyfitness for requesting the same.

Jerry in reply to learn-2016

Hey learn-2016 you're welcome and good luck with your GF baking. 😊


Hi Alicia I’m glad you have seen a nutritionalist and it sounds like it was really helpful. That’s a lot of things to be sensitive to so that must be tricky. From what I understand if you have a sensitivity to moulds although you said it’s low you may need to avoid jams, nuts, mushrooms, sauces and dried fruits etc but hopefully it won’t come to that. I hope you’re feeling chipper at the moment though and enjoying the sunny weather 😁 Ali

crazyfitnessStar in reply to Agoodenough

Hi Ali

Thank you for responding and yes it is quite a lot. I didn't have a good day yesterday and unfortunately been relying on travel sick tablets, it's either the pineapple I ate on Sunday and some gluten free walnut and date crispbreads (can't remember exactly what were in the crispbreads). I have been looking online at Gluten free and did come across information where they said you have to be careful with certain fruits etc and one of those was pineapple so it could have been that.

I honestly didn't think food poisoning all those months ago would affect me like this.

I am looking into trying to make my own Kefir as I froze some Water Kefir grains some months back but need to research more to see how to do this and how to flavour them so they are palatable.

I'm looking forward to feeling 100% better again.

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Oh Alicia you have been through it. I thin’ you’ve been very unlucky. Keep us all updated with the kefir and the gf baking as I would be interested in knowing how you get on with it. Take care Alicia 🙂

crazyfitnessStar in reply to Agoodenough

Thank you Ali and I certainly will be glad when I'm back to some kind of 'normal'. There are other people far worse off than me, I'll get there that's for sure😀👍

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