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Pak choi curry in the making... 🥘


Hi everyone,

Sometimes I get asked for the recipe so here's the recipe and the veg cooking before I added the curry spices.

The curry I used baby sweet peppers hot chilli white onion baby tomatoes pak choi (Chinese cabbage) with fresh coriander dried coriander cumin ginger turmeric black pepper and a little Tamari (GF soy sauce) smooth peanut butter golden linseeds and chia seeds which thickens it up as well as being nutritious.

Here's how it looks after and served with red quinoa and black rice with crispy chick peas:

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Oh wow. That’s great Jerry. I love the idea of putting chickpeas on top. We love, love, love curry. Especially if it has chilli’s in. 🌶I had forgotten about black rice so will have to get some of that.

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