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Vegan Hot pot with lentils and peanut butter sauce 🌢

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Hi everyone,

Here's a simple hot pot that I made with my some of my favourite veggies, black kale, sweet peppers, white onion, baby leeks, I added cooked red lentils, peanut butter and a little stock with cumin, ginger turmeric and black pepper and then topped with sliced potato and sliced sweet potato and I sprinkled some sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds on top.

I had it with some tender stem broccoli, baby carrots which I cooked separately.

7 Replies
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That looks lovely Jerry, what a great idea. I could eat some of that : >

Thanks Debs, 😊

Looks delicious Jerry 😊

Can you share the recipe please.

Where do you get this inspiration from?


Great selection of vegetables. I’ve never had black kale πŸ™‚

Thanks Ali, black kale is cavil nero which I like to cook for longer than curly kale. 😊

Ooh that looks lovely Jerry, I could eat that now 😜

Thanks Alicia 😊

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