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To what extent does Vasculitis complicate invasive surgery?

Sorry if this has come up before, I have been looking everywhere but I can't find much, certainly nothing relevant to the NHS.

I am just wondering to what extent pre-exisiting Wegener's would affect a person's suitability for ( for instance) hip replacement or other invasive surgery of this type.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Kim

Usually invasive surgery, unless it's an emergency, isn't undertaken when the WG is active. I believe that when it has to be undertaken then the steroid dose is upped for a while beforehand. Any surgery should be discussed with you, your main WG consultant and the surgeon undertaking the procedure. The same things apply with dental treatment.



HI i had surgery this year in June, I recovered very well from it but had my dose of steroids put up for a while as it had some effect on my kidneys. I am now waiting surgery again and I am not that concerned as I seemed to cope well the last time. I have to say I had emergency surgery whilst in the throws of a severe attack, this was undertaken to save my life but I came through that too. You have to accept that if you need surgery it is a risk at any time. If your quality of life is going to improve with surgery for anything then you and your surgeon will decide what is best. Good Luck



i have had emergency major surgery ( tracheostomy) and steroids were increased like the others. I have also have many ops to dilate trachea and then trachea reconstruction. I was given steroids boost during last op but they weren't increased afterwards. In hindsight, perhaps it might have helped as it would have dampened inflammation. Trust your Dr to advise you.


Sorry I should have added that the Drs like you to be in remission as said before by others.


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