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Pillow spray; seems to be making a difference

My Mothering Sunday present was a herbal pillow spray from It's called 'deep sleep pillow spray' and after a week I think it is making a difference. I still wake up about 2a.m, and at 5, but then roll over and have something nice to smell until I drop off again. It can also drift over and help my other half to go back to sleep - he gets fed up with my jerky legs and arms which can wake him even when they don't wake me! Might be worth trying, even instead of chocolate at Easter!

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good idea BronteM. thanks for sharing,I'll look out for it. I'll have to put it on a hankie nearby as I have sensitive skin.



Hi so glad your pillow works Had one years ago but found it gave mea headache , Lately I have taken to having the good old fashioned Horlicks and ovaltine before bed and I must admit I am getting a better nights sleep Still on 30mg of prednisolone which normally keeps me awake for hours on end Amazon kindle are making a fortune out of me , I put three spoons of horlicks and one spoon of ovaltine in my mug with a little milk and top it up with hot water It works I buy the light one tho they still have quite a few calories so have to add them into my daily intake Hope this may help x


Sorry to hear that...but one thing we all learn very quickly with this disease is that we are all different and need different solutions! I've been drinking camomile tea before I go to bed, but I know this doesn't work for a lot of people; including my sister.

Amazon kindle must be making a fortune out of all of us; I get through their daily deals at a ridiculous rate, though the odd one slows me down!


Avon also do one called Sleeptherapy Goodnight Pillow mist and it's regularly on offer too.


I find a lavender pillow spray is fab for sending me off to sleep. Although it's still very difficult to STAY asleep for any great length of time! :-(


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