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on the fibromyalgia forum charlii wrote a blog that quite touched me. I think it applies to us here starts

"Having fibro and surviving day to day is like trying to thread beads on a necklace with no knot in the end.... "

it set my mind off and inspired this poem.

I'm tying a knot for charlii

and all my virtual friends.

I want to keep their beads on safe,

by joining up the ends.

I'd add the beads of sleeping well,

of rest and comfort too.

I'd leave spaces for those you want to add,

I'll leave it up to you.

sunshine beads for rainy days,

& ones to make you smile,

fluffy beads & flowers too,

[this could take a while!]

if they fall, we'll all help pick them up,

with support, understanding, care

know if you ask for it, you're not alone

help is always there.

sandra. 2/313

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Brilliant Sandra. Very uplifting! Have you ever thought of writing verses for a card company? I think you're a natural! :-)


aw thankyou, that's so nice to hear :)


As BB has said, avove, that is lovely Sandra. I'll 'post' some of my Christmas poems, I always write some, nearer the time. Mean time take care and thanks, once again, for sharing the poem.



thankyou :)


That's lovely Sandra - sums up the ethos ot this site very well.



Lovely Sandra :-) there is a lovely lady called Nikita in the face book group who has Vasculitis.. she has had a book of poems published..perhaps you should do the same :-) I will see if I can copy and paste one of Nikita's poems to share with you.. x


Really lovely.....keep up the good work.x


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