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Been refused DLA with back/walking problems

Hi I have just been refused DLA, I had a back operation in 2006 which went well and I returned to work a couple of months after it. I have suffered from then with severe pain at times and some weeks had to stay in bed a whole week, and it's been on and off like this since 2006. In June this year started having bladder problems wetting myself sometimes 4/6 times a day, and I now have another disc out I cannot dress myself properly put on socks/shoes with laces etc. I now walk leaning to one side and have to use a stick and can do about 15 steps per minute. I have always worked all my life and never been on benefits ever and now I genuinely need help its not there. I am on tablets for incontience plus back and leg pain which I have all the time now and I have since been put on anti depressants aswell. Any advice on where to turn would be appreciated thanks James.

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hi james sorry to hear your health issues.most cases always get turned down the first time.put in an appeal have you got medical back up as well ie medical and drs reports/letters etc.there is also a site where you pay £20 a year and its called benefits and work its very helpful and takes you thru every thing you need to know.did you ask why they had turned you down.good luck hope this helps


So sorry to hear about your health problems......Yes as tracy65 says do put in your appeal straight away this is the link to the site Tracy65 has mentioned and as she says they are very helpful. If john or I can help too please let me know as I do have some helpful documents to read that might help. My email address is

all the best



Another tip, given to me by my local CAB, if you lose your appeal then just reapply as if you are starting from scratch. They helped me with my appeal which was, thankfully, successful.

If you have not been in touch with your local CAB, then I would advise that you contact them soonest as well as your contacting your local MP.

Good luck.


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