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Would anyone like to take part in a Vasculitis research project?

If you do have ANCA associated Vasculitis and have a close blood relative/s who also have ANCA vasculitis, would you like to take part in DNA analysis research project? Also, if you started with ANCA associated Vasculitis below the age of 18..... Please contact John thank you

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I have WG and my maternal grandmother had PBC (auto immune disease that attacks the liver) and my mother has transverse myeletis (auto immune disease that attacks the fibres that cover the spinal cord), my mother's brother also had guillain-barre syndrome (auto immune disease that attacks the nervous system). Quite a colourful


It is... maybe it might be useful to email John with this colourful history

all the best



My sister lost her liver and had a transplant, which I believe was due to auto immune system. I have P-anca positive. We are at different hospitals she is at Addenbrookes and I am with St.Georges. Let me know if we might be of help


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