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Walking issues Need to use a wheelchair

Hi there I'm 49 years of age I have a thyroid condition and also sjogrens syndrome which is a autoimmune disease I'm not currently getting any treatment apart from tooth paste and mouth wash and pilicarpine to help stimulate my saliva glands I not under any specialist and this frustrates me I have problems with my chest in fact diagnosed this year with Asthma I'm constantly have issues with chest pain breathlessness and coughing flem and only once some very small amounts of blood I finally took my self back to see GP this week were again I have been given more antibiotic I have issues with my walking and the woman on the sjogrens help line has on numerous occasion mentioned Vasculitis as this can be a problem with people with sjogrens I'm just wondering if anyone can give me any information and advice

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Hi, I think maybe we spoke on the 'phone a few days ago.

I think you have a complex auto-immune illness that needs to be investigated thoroughly. You need to get a referral to see a suitable consultant from your GP. If you would like to send me a private message saying what part of the country you live in, maybe I can suggest someone and/or somewhere.

All the best



Yeah we did I have saw three Rheumatologist in the past 3 years but they just dismiss me Dr Amfts made a five star of things but its me that's in the middle being left After Amfts, I had another opinion Prof Ralston He confirmed the diagnose of Sjogrens syndrome and said that there is no cure He told me I need to learn to live with it and discharged me The GP does not do any else because of this I have been going now with Lung pain for almost two years on and off I was only diagnosed last year with Asthma after I took really unwell My chest issues are being taken for this After we spoke I saw Doctor on Friday she gave me more antibiotic and now the lung pain is back its stopped the flem although it comes up to back of throat I'm struggle to get up

I find it odd I have reported Lung issues and they don't think its worth investigation Its just been diagnosis as asthma by a nurse I'm going to ask for a refferal to Lung specialist Might go and see asthma nurse first ?



Hi forgot I live in Livingston West Lothian



If you send me a private message we will try and help you

John and Susan


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