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I have hip problems, one more than the other, I'm being referred to a consultant with, I think, the inevitable hip replacement, because it's having a big impact on my life I want to see a consultant privately with the hope that the process will work quicker. However I seem to have difficulty , online, in finding how much this will cost. Help please.

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  • I looked into this for my Mum, and it seemed to come in at about £10,000 or thereabouts. But it may be more if you're a complicated case, and need more specialists involved. If you're on immunosuppression drugs it may also be harder to get someone to do it.

  • P.S. That price - rough, may be a bit higher, may be a bit lower - is for the full process of a private hip replacement, from consultation through to operation etc.

  • Thank you for your reply, it's the cost of the initial consultation I'm interested in and if it can get me on the nhs list quicker.

  • Around my area it seems they do packages for around £13,000, that includes the bed and breakfast bit as well! I know with some London hospitals you can a pay lot more. If you just phone up and ask you should get a feel. I did just see an orthopaedic surgeon who cost £250 and an xray was £150. In fact I have discovered he also works for the NHS. I then decided to go back to the NHS. I have been told by my GP that I cannot have a hip operation or a referral even unless funding has been agreed. I think the hospital groups have meetings every so often to see what they will pay for and what they throw out. My GP said if they throw the application out we can appeal. I am wondering how long I can carry on before I visit my bank for a loan.

  • Thank you for your reply, I am being referred to a consultant, God fobid if they turn around and say there is no funding, I cannot go privately for the operation.

  • I have not got to the point where they have said I can see a consultant, they just keep going on about funding, so you may be ahead of me. I don't think it has had a blind bit of difference in my case seeing someone privately. My GP then said I could go privately for the operation or I should see a rheumatologist first with the NHS. This has wasted about eight months as I saw a rheumatologist, I have had xrays chest, abdomen and pelvis and a CT scan. The results are I have an 'orrible hip, according to the rheumatologist.

  • Why don't you try the NHS first. My husband who has had WG since Oct 10 and started on high steroids, started getting pain in left hip. He had this hip replacement done in April 16 and when the right hip went the same way, that was replaced in Oct 16 and they even fitted that one in between holidays. My husband was in incredible pain and could not walk so it needed to be done and it was. He's just turned 60 between hips. Shoulder on the way out too but they've given him a year's break but hey ho, he already has his appointment for March 17. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • Hi Nadine,

    Which area of the country do you live? I don't think it is quite so fast where I am.

    Did your husband have to go through the funding requirements?

  • He has all his treatment at Norfolk & Norwich. No mention was ever made of funding, he saw the Orthopaedic consultant, had lots of Xrays, MRI's then they did the ops. Recovery on each was 6 weeks. Moral of the story - move to East Anglia.

  • N&N do a superb service for hips - a friend went there and was terrified beforehand but so impressed by the process. She's in her 80s - no problems at all and all aids required assessed and delivered to her door.

    And theoretically it is your right in England (nowhere else) to stipulate the hospital at which you want your first appointment. Someone in Kent had an op in Calais who were selling services to the NHS...

  • Thank you

  • Nottingham

  • Hi Sheppard, don't waste your money on a private consultation that will not get you on to the NHS list it will just confirm what you already know. I have had both hips replaced but, i am very lucky as i had private health care through work.

    Get to your Dr and let him know how much pain you are in that way he will get you an appointment to see a consultant, once you have seen the consultant and he says yes you need the hip replaced they then have so many weeks to sort it out. If this cant be done check with your Dr if they have an arrangement with the local private hospital to get you sorted.

    I know there are changes now with waiting lists so check with your Dr.

    Good luck i hope you get sorted. Just another thought when you get on the waiting list tell them you can come in at a days notice if there is a cancellation.

  • Thank you, very helpful.

  • How on earth do you get your GP to get you an appointment without the funding issue? I had an xray last May that said it was not a matter of if I should have a hip replacement, but when. I have now had three xrays, which all say I am bone on bone plus cysts. My GP originally had refused to get me an xray on the NHS but was happy for me to go privately and have an operation privately, but will do nothing until the funding has been accepted. I asked for a steroid injection and that has also been refused.

  • That is terrible for you. I may well have a problem with funding, all I've asked for is a private consultation.

  • A magic word we have found is 'expidite'. If you can get your GP to expidite the matter, it makes it more urgent than routine.

  • Thank you

  • Great reply i had forgotten that word. When i had a GPA relapse after 3 years instead of the 6 week wait to see the consultant i was expedited to the following Tuesday all thanks to my lovely Dr and consultant.

    I wish you could all have the Dr i have everything that needs to be done has been. I feel so lucky when i read the terrible times some of you have.

    Good luck i hope you can get a good reply from your Dr or maybe look at another surgery who will offer the hip replacement.

  • You can see a Consultant privately ,your GP can make the arrangements,however, the Consultant will diagnose ( or not ) that you need a hip replacement and if you request it, he/ she can refer you onto the NHS list, and then the process starts all over again,and in my case I saw the very same Consultant on the NHS as I had previously paid to see privately,the only difference being, that as he had already advised a hip replacement he confirmed it on my NHS file. And the wait was the same as it would have been had I gone NHS in the first place. At the time I was told that procedure had changed ,and that after seeing a Consultant privately ,and you request going onto the NHS list, it is not a problem, and you MAY get an initial appointment quicker,but following that, it goes the usual course.Things may have changed yet again since I had a hip replacement ( I,ve had 2 ) so you would be wise to check.

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