Warm Home Discount Scheme £130 off electricity!!

most of the countries big Energy suppliers take part in the governments Warm Home Discount scheme which benefits mainly pensioners. However some of them allow a "Broader" spectrum of customers to take part and receive £130 off their electricity bills. It applies t

o people who are on certain benefits, DLA, ESA and income Support. Take a look at the website and check.if its something you could take advantage of.


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  • This is very helpful thank you :-)

  • This is great information, unfortunately I don't meet the critera.

  • Thanks for this. Anything to help!

    I've just registered my interest by phone with my supplier (nPower) who are to contact me in about a month's time for inclusion in the scheme which applies around March/April of next year. Over 60s should receive notification from the Government.

  • Thanks meet the criteria and have applied to Scottish Power.

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