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I need advice

I have been off work since 4th June 2012. My GP tells me I will be fit to return to work provided that my employer makes some reasonable adjustments to my working conditions. My employer is adament that I am not fit for work and wants me to attend an independent health assessment. Given that my own GP indicates that I will be fit for work can my employer do this. My employers says it is the law.

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It is all about the definition of reasonable I am afraid.. John was an NHS Dentist/Orthodonist for 40 years before he retired .. he had his own practice,,, We employed a dental nurse who was an excellent dental nurse but she became very ill and had to have 6 months off work.. when she returned to work she could no longer carry out the duties of a dental nurse so she was given the role of receptionist. This worked very well for both us and her. This is not always possible.. Occupational Health are the best people to talk to.

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When you return to work your manager has to "interview" you and say that you are fit for work. I guessing but I think he or she might want to ensure this is the case rather than taking this procedure lightly. Therefore they want someone independent after a period of 6 month to confirm it is OK. It is not unusal in larger companies for this to be the case.


I work as an occupational health nurse and was diagnosed with Wegener's in 2003 and the fact is that our GPs are not always educated in the area of occupational health (some are but the majority are not) and therefore occupational health would be the best point of contact for you to get an assessment. Depending on your job and the context of where you're working they may want to assess you actually in your workplace. Then based on the findings of the assessment they should make recommendations to your employer e.g. adjustments to hours, equipment, software etc. Well that's what we do where I work. Hope this helps. It's a lovely sunny day up here in Aberdeen so I'm away to get some exercise.

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Hi, my employer did this to me too. I got back to work after having an assessment and my work station altered. However when I became ill again and off sick they would not let me back. I had another assessment through work and they said I was unable to go back to that job. They have to give you the reasons they are not letting you back. They do this I was told to cover them, if something happened and they had not followed procedure they would be liable.


Have you checked under the DDA (disability discrimination act) fit for work normally would come from the GP or consultant though the business may want their company Dr to have a view/opinion. As for the reasonable adjustment that is definitely covered under the DDA.

When I was trying to get back to work I contacted my local benefits office who had a specific dept who helped me and even offered to come to my round table meeting with me, so they may be worth a thought.


Sarah is right but as well as your local authority job centre plus will have a disabilty advisor who can go through your work duties and what benefits you could be entitled too. If you have been ill for more than 6 months with an illness that is continuing (Vasculitis) then the DDA applies and employers should make reasonably adjustments. If you are in a union this is something they can help with.


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