take a day off

I have "days off", on these days

* I'm not in too much pain to get up - I'm having a lie in/lazy day.

* it's not that I can't get dressed - I'm having a pyjama day.

* it's not that I can't go out - I'm on a day's holiday, I'm having a lounge around.

* it's not that I can't remember what shopping to buy - I'm window shopping.

* it's not that I can't do things - I'm on my day off and don't have to do ANYTHING!

I can do it again tomorrow if I want.



5 Replies

  • Love it. At least we can have a sense of humour.

  • Take care Sandra

  • Oh, good idea. I could do with a day off today!

  • Brilliant! We might use this for a future newsletter if that is ok Sandra... :-)

  • be my guest! you can also add on as line 4

    "it's not that I've slept in 'til 7pm - I just like a late breakfast.



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