Hey guys&girls

My coping mechanisms are singing, & photography. I can't loose my creative streak. I just wanted to share a cover I sang on a app called Smule sing. You can find me under the name "SparkleSoul" I know makeup hides a multitude of sins, makes you look good even if you don't feel good, 🤦🏼‍♀️

I have plenty of songs on there to share but this song by SIA -Titanium I can relate to, & I'm sure you all can to.

I know this isn't related to vasculitis but it has something to do with keeping me sane. I sing a lot when I'm down sometimes it's hard when I'm in pain but I try not to let it take my voice too, I'm struggling each day but watching my cover videos makes me want to fight harder to get back to that best of me. That girl in the videos is in me somewhere & I will do whatever I can to find her.. I wanna feel like me again.


Enjoy x

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  • You have a beautiful voice Laura I really enjoyed your song. X

  • Aww thanks Katie, i thought it would be a nice change to post something that helps me get through my battle. Glad you liked it xx

  • Keep singing - music helps you.

  • Thank you Bar-sim

    Yes your so right ! Thank you for stopping by to comment 🤗

  • Singings good for your soul Laura. I enjoy it too. You have a lovely voice.

  • Hi Ludo, so so true. That's wonderful to hear.. keep singing & thank you 🎤🎼

  • Laura that was just lovely thanks :) you are very talented ! I love music too but unfortunately can't sing ! I often use sound healing to help me you can get solfeggio frequencies on you tube. Keep sparkling

    Diane x

  • Diane, thank you so much, what a beautiful comment 💛 thank you for listening 🎼 my boyfriend said he couldn't sing & now he's like a bird.. taught him to sing from a place of emotion. Took it like a duck to water. The sound frequencies sound really good I will take a look on YouTube. Always ⭐️

  • That was really wonderful, your voice is lovely. I really enjoyed it.x

  • Thank you ever so much Stephanie, your comment is so lovely. X

  • Lovely voice, Laura. I can't sing for nuts, so I play the guitar as a coping mechanism.

  • Thank you Nirja, I've been playing for 2 years & still struggling. Have you any videos on YouTube x

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