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Is everyone aware of the Lauren Currie twilight foundation website ?

this is a very informative website in memory of Lauren who died of WG

Aged just 15years of age. It has a very interesting Webinar from 30/08 with Dr Jayne and other clinicians talking about vasculitis. Dr Jayne is doing another Webinar on 16/11 at 5pm.

Go to thelaurencurrietwilightfoun...

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There will be an article about the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation and the Webinars in the Vasculitis UK Newslettter, out next month. Susan and I met Lauren's parents in Scotland last month. The Webinar format is new and exciting and so easy to take part in - but you must register in advance. The topic for the next Webinar on 16th November is Wegener's granulomatosis. As over 60% of all vasculitis sufferers have WG, it's very relevant.

We (Vasculitis UK) are looking forward to working with the Lauren Currie Foundation in the fight against vasculitic disease and very happy to support their innovative approach. You can "listen again" to the August webinar by visiting their website - as shown above.


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