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Has anyone had problems with their assessment with ATOS?

Professor Malcom Harrington is collecting evidence for a review for work capeability assessment. This is the assessment people go through when they are applying for or being re-assessed by ATOS. Vasculitis Uk would like to submit evidence on behalf of our members. We have until the 7th September to do this. So if you have had experience of going through this process, particularly if you feel you have been treated unfairly, please leave a comment below or send us a private message.

Thank you


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I was seen in Aug 2008 by a Doctor who started his assessment with the comment 'I want to get you out of the way as I'm going into hospital tomorrow!'

Fortunately, my wife was present and kept notes of his questions and our answers. When the claim for DLA was denied, we looked at the evidence he had provided and it bore no resemblance to the interview!

With the help of a local advisor, an appeal was lodged and was granted. During the hearing the Chairman issued a warning to the DWP representative for being completely unhelpful and for refusing to answer questions. The Doctor who was present admitted he had no knowledge of Wegener's Granulomatosis and had never come across it.

The appeal was granted and backdated over a year. it is my opinion that ATOS are not fit for purpose.


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