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Scarborough Hospital patients ?

Hi, Iv noticed that on the survey about Hospitals there are two other members who are treated for there Vasculitis at Scarborough Hospital and wondered if those two member would be up for a chat about things. It would be great to chat with someone from my area with this condition and maybe compare notes as I notice one is under delmatology as I am and one is under a different form of consultant. If either of those two members would be up for a chat please message me (in private if you prefur) Deb

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Hi Debbie

In early October there will be new vasculitis support group meeting in the Bradford area - more details later. It will be on a Sunday afternoon. If you want to chat to others in the same boat then, if Bradford isn't too far for you to travel, you might find the experience rewarding.



Hi Debbie

I am starting the group the in Bradford and would be really pleased if you could come. I traveled to Doncaster for my first time with the group and found it extremely helpful to chat to other people.

In the Bradford Rheumatology Dept. we have a Nurses Helpline and one of the nurses has just transferred to Scarborough. She is very experienced and very nice to talk to. Perhaps you could find out if she has set up a helpline there.

Best wishes



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