disability living allowance

Does anyone have any idea where I can get help in filling in the DLA form or could point me in the right direction as struggling to fill in the form for my husband, he has Wegners Granulomatosis he has had this now for 8yrs, I have tried before but got turned down, as they said he was in remission, but he has recently had a flare up again and he is waiting for treatment within the next few weeks so not sure if we can apply but thought I would try again but struggling with the form.

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  • I had heip from my Local C A B from a Specialist Benefit Officer,even with his help it took two hours, We made sure we sent as much backup evidence as possible. Good luck.

  • thank you for your reply, what backup evidence did you get, was it from your consultant/doctors?? also did you have to make an appointment with CAB to see a Specialiist Benefit Officer.

  • I got letters from dr and consultants ,medication and any clinics he may attend.

    We went into a pop in session first and then two longer sessions to fill information.He was able to puy more information down than i was ,just by using form filling language :) .I have since learnt that your local council can appoint a social worker ,who will help on several different levels .

    Hope this is of some help .

  • Hi i did the same . and yes i made an appt . At the time i was very ill so the advisor came to my house . She was fantastic . I didnt send anything else with my form but i agree with deniseann that ant supporting evidence can only help .

  • The reason I said about supporting evidence is because my ESA was turned down .On the medical review it said that there was not enough supporting evidence .Now I send them everything !!!

  • thank you for the information, I will give it a go

  • I joined and downloaded information from The Works and Pensions site, which I put the link below. It was worth every penny and clearly states how these forms should be completed - I think it is £20 a year but you then can download how the questions should be answered. I also sent them as much guidance as they needed and any information I could as supporting evidence, including Cambridge investigation into tiredness / fatigue. Any letters from doctors consultants add, cross reference your information with your application form. It takes time but worth every penny.


  • Your local Citizen's Advice Bureau is a good source of help BUT some are currently unable to assist because of receiving so many requests for help with claims like yours.

    The Benefits and Work site is well worth subscribing to (http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/) for the additional information they provide.

    As already suggested, supporting information from your consultants with details of appointments attended, treatments, drug regimes, test results and if possible, a letter from your principle specialist stating your diagnosis and prognosis.

  • Hi,igot all my help with any form from welfare rights they are great in helping you,hope this helps.

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