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My first podcast!

Earlier on in the year, I asked for your experiences with the illness, Wegener's Granulomatosis.

As a WG patient myself, I wanted my final year project at university to focus on unknown and rare illnesses. Since I know the most about this disease, I thought this would be a great starting point, so this is episode one, please let me know what you think!!

Paste this link into the address bar to link you to my wordpress for the audio, thank you!


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This is Susan ... I listened to this twice was interesting for me beacuse I have spoken to Jamie on lots of occasions and I have read his story, I think he is great. The podcast came over very well, the only small problem was the sound of Jamie speaking was not as clear as your voice. Have you plans to do more, this is a wonderful way of raising awareness. best wishes Susan :-)


Yes I know about the phone interview, thank you for the feedback and yes I am doing more, so watch this space ;)


Hello there. I've just listened to the interview using my headphones (as I'm completely deaf in my right ear). I to have been a bit if a passive watcher of what Jamie get's up to especially since I come for Forres and am or used to be familiar with the Culben Sands. Although I admit I've never gone running around. However I too have WG's diagnosed in 2003 and have signed up to do the Balmoral 10k

to raise awareness and funds fund for our Doctors up here in Aberdeen. But I'm probably a good bit older than Jamie (I'm going to be 52yrs old next week) and have many distractions e.g. kids and animals. But good to Jamie on achieving what he has and perhaps we'll meet up one day as one of these runs. :)


Love it Aimee! Very professional. I understand the problems with mobile phones and getting a clear signal, but in my opinion it makes it sound like a proper telephone interview. Hope you're happy with it too!?

Great job on the 10k Maureen. I have my fingers crossed that my legs hold out into my 50's! Life begins an 9km! :D Would be happy to meet up for a run somewhere in the future if you like.

I'm a tired sole after a 29.3 mile run on Thursday followed by a 17.5 mile run which finished at 2 am this morning! Work was tough today!! Ultra training has begun :D


I too found it difficult to follow thw audio version. Is it possible to obtain a copy as an mp3 file or some other format that I can use in my audio player?



My daughter who is 14 was diagnosed back in January with Wegeners. It has been very hard for her as well as us as parents. She is such a beautiful young lady who has such great outlook on life. She loves to run and has recovered enough to get back on the cross country team. Although she can't run with any of the girls, yet, she is so strong willed and sets such a positive example to others as well as her own parents. Thanks for the wonderful audio segment I will be sure to have her listen to it.


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