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THE ROUTE MAP FOR VASCULITIS has been completed. This is a 112 page document containing information on the individual vasculitides, drugs, blood testing, procedures and important vasculitis references/research. It also contains information on such things as diet, lifestyle, oral health, fertility, prescription charges, government benefits and lots more. The majority of the photograph showing the effects of vasculitis and/or treatment have been supplied by Vasculitis UK members and members of the Facebook and Health Unlocked sites.

Vasculitis Support Group leaders will receive a free printed copy of the Route Map, which we hope they will use to raise awareness of vasculitis, and awareness of the work of the Trust. Copies will be forwarded to specific influential bodies. Some of the printed copies will be available to buy - unfortunately they can't be supplied free to everyone because of printing and postage costs. The Route Map will be appended to the Trust's website in due course and much of the content will be incorporated into the new website.

The official launch of the Route Map for Vasculitis, by the Trust, will be during Vasculitis Awareness Month (May). We are currently working on our media programme for this to ensure we reach the widest possible audience.

The Vasculitis Route Map was part of an initiative financed by the Department of Health, and facilitated by Genetic Alliance UK. There were nine rare disease organisations each producing their own Route Maps. The official Genetic Alliance UK/DOH launch for all nine Route Maps will be in London on 2nd July.

PatriciaAnn (Editor)


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