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I have only recently been diagnosed with hypocomplement urticarial Vasculitis been on 20mg prednisone for 2 weeks just reduced to 15. I am about 5 weeks and can't get hold of my consultant. My GP was no help and told me to speak to my consultant. Can I just stop taking the prednisone? I don't want to harm the baby any longer than I have to. Any advice would be greatly received.

Sam x

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  • You need proper medical advice. Why can't you contact your consultant? If they are not there at the moment ask the secretary to put you through to the person covering for them. And if they are there insist on them calling you back. And if that doesn't work get your GP to phone the consultant on your behalf.

    However the good news, as far as I know, is that steroids have no risk for your baby. Immunosuppression drugs like Azathioprine etc. are a different story. But I believe - non medically trained - that steroids are safe during pregnancy, and that you should not stop them.

    For more information, see this helpful web page from Arthritis Research UK. Arthritis patients are often on similar cocktails to vasculitis patients.

  • How much are you taking? You must talk to your consultant as soon as possible. Have you tried ringing their secretary?

  • Thanks to you both for getting back to me. I am currently taking 15mg. I tried contacting my consultant and left an urgent message with his secretary. I think I may need to use my GP's help. Just panicking a little as I only found out this morning and I'm petrified. Not sure this happened at the best time but hey I'm a great believer in things happening for a reason. I certainly never do things by halves!

    Sam x

  • Hi Sam

    It's really important that you speak either to your consultant or one of the rheumotologist team. You cannot just stop steroids but need to taper down as it can be dangerous. Like you I have HUVs so understand they need to speak to you about other meds.

    If you can't get hold of the consultants one of his/her team should be able to talk to you. What hospital trust are you under?

    Good luck and let me know if I can be of any help.

    Sarah x

  • You might risk more damage by stopping it suddenly, just get hold of your consultant as soon as you can.

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