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can anyone answer me this. i was diagnosed with wg last year my kidneys went to 14 per cent,had cyclo and they improved to 60 per cent ,i was then put on azathioprine which didnt agree with me and then cell cept,my kidney count began to drop again,so i wa s given rhituxmab but taken off cell cept.

ive now had the 2 infusions of rhitux and all seems well,but im just wondering,whether its usual after the rhitux to be put back on cell cept to stabilise the kidneys,also im worried as no blood tests have been done to check my kidney function since ive had the ritux.

so how would they know my kidney function,i have been told all b cells have depleted though many thanks

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In my case I take no medication other than Septrin although I do receive an annual dose of Rituximab. I have no kidney involvement with my GPA/WG. The current regime being used by the Addenbrookes vasculitis practitioners (in my opinion probably one of, if not the most experienced and knowledgeable teams) is to give 5 doses over two years i.e. one dose every 6 months. Trials are ongoing to test its efficacy as a maintenance drug. I was told they no longer concern themselves too much on B cell count as there appears to be evidence that when they do return, the 'type' that does so is more likely to be of a 'passive' nature or at least is less likely to cause a flare. This regime has reduced flare rates by a very large degree but it doesn't work for everyone. In my case, the annual dose seems to be about the limit before my disease decides to bite back although my C-ANCA hasn't even shown +ve on this occasion. Hopefully someone here might be able to share their experience re. the Cellcept question.



I can't answer regarding the kidney function but my consultant wants me back on cellcept as soon as he can after my rutiximab infusion. If it wasn't for a chest infection he'd have had me back on it 5 days after my first treatment. I'm due in for a second infusion tomorrow and health permitting expect to be on 2000Mg within the next fortnight. Sorry l can't help with the rest of your question.



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