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How long after the 3rd vaccine do we get the booster please? Are there any official notices?

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Dear Rodelinda,

I was Told 'Six Months' though, I understand, that this Might have changed- due to this New Variant. In my case, The System seems Very 'On The Ball' and, I have had ALL my 'Jabs'- including the Flu one- on time.

In my experience the '119' Service are normally Helpful, why not give them a call? Best Wishes and, since we are now in December.... Merry Christmas.


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Rodelinda in reply to AndrewT

Thankyou Happy Christmas to you too

Hello Rodelinda,If you meant how long is the Booster after the second vaccine, then it's much as Andrew has said. I had my Booster exactly 6 months to the day after my second jab, but the government is speeding things up now for people who haven't had it yet. My 40 year old son would have had to wait until January, but has his booked for next week. However if you were talking about future boosters after third jabs, then that might depend on what your doctors say. My rheumatology dept. told me that I should get another booster (being my 4th jab) 6 months after my recent booster/3rd jab, these two being the same thing when Pfizer is given.

I hope all this makes sense!


At the time I had my third vaccine I was told I would get a forth in 6 months but these timescales seem to change all the time.

Think the government (UK) have now revised the booster (4th) vaccine to 3 months after now rather than 6 since Omicron

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It is now 12 weeks, or 3 months, reduced from JCVI advice issued on Monday. This is still being implemented in practice across the UK. But I’ve booked myself a booster for the week after I’ll be due. I’d be due just before Christmas, and want to book for the week after Christmas. I’m in Scotland, where we can book online.

Here is the link to the JCVI guidelines which have been accepted by all 4 UK countries:

In particular this bit: “Severely immunosuppressed individuals who have completed their primary course (3 doses) should be offered a booster dose with a minimum of 3 months between the third primary and booster dose. Those who have not yet received their third dose may be given the third dose now to avoid further delay. A further booster dose can be given in 3 months, in line with the clinical advice on optimal timing.”

Thankyou - my GP asked me for the guidelines !! Very useful

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