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Flu Vaccine


We need your help please

Has anyone been “advised by their GP practice” by phone or in any other way eg: by letter or email to have this years seasonal flu jab?

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OH received a text from his pharmacy and letter from his GP advising him to have flu vaccine. It was also mentioned by his consultant .


However I have had it at work

HI John, Yes, both my wife and myself were contacted by our GP surgery to book in for the flu jab as we are both registered CEV's. The surgery received the vaccine later than other surgeries and we were told we had the "french" version and apart from the usual arm ache for a few day we have had no untoward side effects.

I actually got a text with a date & time for mine from the surgery

Hi John, same with me. Received a text and made appointment for jab. It was back in September. They gave it to my husband as well as he was husband of a clinically vulnerable person (me).

Yes GP contacted us to book in for flu vaccine. Richard Wallace

My GP asked me on the phone.

Yes my GP surgery contacted me 3 weeks ago inviting me as a priority because I am in the shielding group.

yes, had it 3 weeks ago

No, but I had mine through work. I heard there were shortages at a lot of surgeries and pharmacies


No. But then I never ever have, in 22 years of getting the flu vaccine.

I was supposed to receive a letter to tell me to get the vaccine plus have my household members done too, as a shielding person. That should have arrived in mid/late September in Scotland, but I never got mine. We sorted out our vaccines with the practice ourself. I got done on the very first day.

Yes John received a letter and had the vaccination two weeks ago

Yes. I just had the flue vaccine and the 2nd Pneumonia vaccine. Here in Washington state.

Yes, I receive a letter from my GP every year. We had ours done through the Pharmacy in September. The GP appointment was for November, not sure how appointments are allocated. ... alphabetically perhaps? 🤔

Yes in England at our surgery all shielded patients and their families have had flu jabs.


Since my vasculitis diagnosis I have had a flu jab every year. The surgery ring to arrange it and I went in about a fortnight ago. No problems with it so far.

I was telephoned with an appointment, and received my jab

Yes, I received a letter with a date and time to have mine in early October. No problems at all, not even a sore arm.

Yes, I received a text as usual asking me to book an appointment. The surgery also sent one to my wife for the first time because of her living with a clinically vulnerable person

Yes and had it.

No, which I found a bit worrying as I was on the clinically vulnerable list.

Hi yes had it a month ago now and was only advised and given pneumonia vaccine too

Yes Received a text message from surgery early September. Rang to book and given date for end of October, but in the event had it done sooner at Boots the Chemist, and informed surgery to cancel the appt with them

Yes, my husband & I were in the local Medical Centre for another reason & the clinician asked if we wanted the flu jab & then immediately booked us in. I also had a couple of texts on my mobile which were being sent out to patients encouraging us all to have the flu jab.

Yes, received a text message from my surgery.


Yes I got a text on 24 August from my GP surgery asking me and anyone in my household to make an appointment for the vaccination. They were pipped at the post though by Lloyd's pharmacy who had also contacted me slightly earlier- I had it done there first week in September before the rush!

Yes I received a text and had mine ages ago! Also a message in my online app provides by gp.

No contact from GP. I finally got my jab yesterday as they only got the u65 vaccine in this week but I had to contact them. Last year I couldn’t get it there at all and had to go around all the pharmacies to find one.

Yes, and had it on 3rd October.

Hello John,

Yes, the surgery nurse called me last week to book me in for a flu jab, scheduled for 10th Nov.

Hi John. Yes and had it 3 weeks ago. Also had pneumonia one too


Yes by letter

I was telephoned by the surgery but only last week by which time I had had it at a pharmacy

Yes , John, surgery texted me. Trust you and Sue are well.

I got a telephone call, but informed the surgery I do not have it due to three flu jabs getting worse reaction each year,until told not to have it again. Was considering giving it another try

Yes, I was contacted by text. But they had only two dates on offer and first one was already gone. Mine is two weeks from now. I think that's really late. So I haven't got the jab yet.

Meanwhile, I am having some doubts...

Yes I had a letter from my GP surgery John

Yes, had a text with an appointment date from GP surgery, could not attend there but could do it at local pharmacy on a date I was able to go. I think it was for 26th September.

I had a letter asking me to make an appointment,I don’t usually have it, as I have in the past had a bad reaction, However due to the COVID situation,I felt perhaps I should have it this time, pleased to say I had no reaction only a slight arm ache .

Yes, by both consultant and GP

Hi John, been a long time since we last "spoke". l have had real problems with my GP surgery over flu jabs. l first contacted them in September and was told l would be getting a letter; well apparently the surgery phoned me regarding an appt. for the 24 Sep; they said they'd left a message but l didn't know about it as my ans machine is not working; they didn't phone - as far as know - to find out why l hadn't turned up.

Meanwhile l phoned them twice in October and was told l would be getting at letter; guess what it never turned up. Fast forward to the beginning of November and by now was really worried that l had missed getting my jab, l was about to phone them yet again when l decided to look online for help.

Well it turns out l could phone a Helpline in Epping, Essex, which l did and was told that my surgery had plenty of vaccinations; l even told them that my sister, who goes to the same surgery, had had her's in Sep. she's 60 no underlying health problems.They asked me if l wanted to let them (Helpline) phone my surgery; l said no l'll try again; which l did.

The long and the short of it is, that when l phoned my surgery l told them l was enquiring about my flu jab and hadn't received my letter etc. l also mentioned having spoken to the Helpline in Epping. That's when l found out that l had missed my appointment in September! l managed to make an appointment straight away and will be having it this week.


Yes. Letter from practice in August. Surgery open on Saturday 12 September and we had a specific time slot by surname, which for us was 10am - 11am. Husband and I both went. Great system - all done outside, using pop up gazebos to which we

were directed. Hubby’s first flu jab so he went to one where he was seen by a GP rather than a nurse. Very effective and efficient. No long queues. Thankfully a nice sunny day

Yes. GP practice sent letter inviting booking for both myself and my wife.

No, despite being on the Shielding patients list. I questioned this with GP surgery and was told that they had invited priority patients in. When I attended for a blood test I queried with the nurse why I was being excluded - she gave it to me there and then.

Yes, I have had reminder messages from my healthcare Kaiser Permanente, Instructions on where to be able to get it, drivethru locations, no appointment needed etc. Both my GP and Rheumy stressed that I must receive the vaccine every year. I still haven't gotten it yet though. Don't think there are shortages here in Atlanta- at least Kaiser always has them.

Yes, I was advised by phone from GP's surgery that the vaccine was in and when I could go for it.

I contacted GP. myself and got allocated jab a month later in October. Hope to get vaccinated for covid early too cos I'm classed as extremely vunerable by Welsh government. Have churg Strauss.

I’ve been invited by text - I always have one as I’m on their list of vulnerable people

Hi text to ring and book

Yes, I had a phone call from my GP practice who booked me in for the jab in early October

No, I have not heard from my Practice at all.


Thank you for all your replies they are all very useful.

Not in Scotland because GP practices aren't delivering flu vaccinations this year. It's being handled by the NHS. This has, however, caused a lot of confusion. Even my consultant advised me to get it from my GP.

As I'm on rituximab I am supposed to receive my vaccination at least 28 days before an infusion. Without my local renal department helping out (three hour round trip for a one minute appointment), this would not have been possible.

Yes had flu jab Norma stainton

Requested myself.

I heard nothing from GP but then my surgery are not at all proactive. However, hospital consultant reminded me and so did the pharmacy last time I collected meds.

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