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Is Vasculitis classed as a disability?

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I am not looking to claim any sort of benefit but I understand that I can get specialist equipment VAT free if I have a chronic illness (HMRC gives diabetes as an example). With Vasculitis GPA causing shortness of breath and thus giving a lesser ability to walk any great distance I am thinking of getting something that would enable walking with periodic resting rather than a straightforward wheelchair. As this is expensive and it is obviously not a piece of equipment for general use I want to pay for it as VAT free and save a couple of hundred pounds. My question, therefore, is can I count Vasculitis GPA as a chronic illness as my understanding is that it won't ever go away even if it becomes more manageable?

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Definitely yes. We have bought mobility scooter, electric bed, shower room fittings, even special socks and Not paid Vat. You just have to get the company to usually complete a form or there's an example on the government vat site

The company selling such products normally ask if you want it zero VAT. If not ask.

It very much depends on how your type of vasculitis affects your day to day life, i.e. mobility needs and daily care needed. If you are in receipt of DLA or PIP at the highest rate then you have been assessed as being disabled and it follows that you would be entitled to mobility and care needs equipment at a reduced rate.

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Nadine99 in reply to Lone-wolf

Doesn't have to be the highest rate, my husband has standard on both

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Here are the official HMRC guidelines. Yes chronic vasculitis certainly qualifies, however badly or not it affects you on a day to day basis.

Dear PhiltheBear,

As said above- the Company, that you buy the items from, should offer a 'Zero VAT' option. This, generally speaking, means signing a Form 'Declaring' that you ARE Dis-Abled. Some friends, of mine, used to run a Mobility Shop and, this was, a 'Common Practice' when selling Mobility Aids, of any sort. I hope that this has been of some help, to you, Phil.

I think, what you need, is a Walker that has a 'Seat Built In'. These are normally Four Wheeled and Sturdy, to allow, you to use the Seat as necessary. Do you have Mobility Shop, or similar, near to where you live? If not go 'On Line' and, search 'Walking Aids'- yes, there will be 'Thousands' to chose from, but you will quickly Narrow Down the options. I confess that I DON'T know, the 'Arrangements' for buying On Line.....I would advise asking the Supplier. Equally a Search 'On Line' may, very well, provide a good Start Point.

Sorry that, I can't, be more Help phil- I hope you find a suitable 'Walker'.


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Nadine99 in reply to AndrewT

Purchases you make do not have to come from a Mobility shop as such. You can ask any supplier what arrangements they make for VAT exemption. The items are not classed by the VAT office as Zero VAT, they are classed as exempt by way of filling in a separate declaration in the form requested by the supplier.

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AndrewT in reply to Nadine99

That makes, perfect sense, Nadine and WOULD 'fit' with, being requested to, Sign A Form.

Thank you for your replies. I do not need PIP or DLA so their criteria are not the issue. It's simply whether or not Vasculitis GPA is regarded - always - as chronic. The supplier is aware of the VAT situation as I am but I have to make an appropriate declaration. It is my understanding that if there's a possibility of the current disabling factors going away then it may not be counted as chronic. The equipment I want to get is similar to those mentioned by AndrewT but the aim is to assist improvement in walking rather than just managing the status quo and that is the quandary. It's about trying to improve bodily function rather than just accepting where it is at the moment and, therefore, I am confused as to whether or not I can actually count Vasculitis as chronic for the sake of the declaration.

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Nadine99 in reply to PhiltheBear

Yes you can

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vivdunstanAdministrator in reply to PhiltheBear

There is no cure for vasculitis, so yes it is completely chronic, and lifelong. You may be lucky to have it go into remission, but you would still have vasculitis then. So yes, easily chronic.

in reply to PhiltheBear

If you have a long term condition you qualify. I think that's it. Good luck and don't worry.

My husband bought me a rollator, it has a fold up seat so I can sit and rest when necessary and fits in a car boot. It was just over £100 from my local disability shop so I think VAT was already deducted at source.

hi,it is, I get pips. I had a stroke august 2018 and it was causedcby cerbal vasculitis, I've been told i'm now disabled for life, especially because I cant use my left arm, and my left leg gets very weak at times. I hope this helps.

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