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Heart racing after infusion for Wegeners


I had my 4th infusion of Rituximab last week for Wegeners granulomatosis and earlier today felt pressure in my ears, like when you go up in an aircraft but also I felt dizzy and very faint.

I’ve taken double my propranolol but nothing is slowing it down. Should I phone 101 or 999 ?

Could this be Rituximab related for the GPA I’ve tolerated it well before but had a big dose this time.

If anyone can get back to me ASAP I’d appreciate it very much

Thanks in advance


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So sorry you are experiencing difficulties. I too have had rituxan infusions, but have had no side effects.

However, since rituxan is a powerful drug with potentially serious side effects, I would not ignore these and seek answers/assistance as soon as possible.

I am in the states and unfamiliar with the phone numbers you mention. Any chance you can get in touch with an on-call physician and talk with him/her? Upon completion of an infusion the nurses have always given me directions for what to do if I have trouble....

I hope you get some help and feel better soon!


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Thank you Sybennett i am seeing my GP, It’s 04:45 & I’ve not slept due to this.

My aftercare is non existent after infusions and I don’t even get asked to have bloods done.

The fevers have lessened and anca numbers lowered though so I think it’s working but this had my in a state today, not scared but just indifferent as I really have had enough, given I have 3-4 other fairly bad diseases. IBD in Crohn’s colitis & a degenerative spine condition plus the heart and lungs. I had hoped the Rituximab would help with the heart.

I’m so tired of NEVER being able to be on guarde

If think you have to follow your own instincts; I would go to Urgence, if for nothing but reassurance. Let us know how you are.

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