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Swollen Feet, Ankles, Lower Legs, and Rash

I'm​ from USA and am a 29 year old female... This issues has been coming and going for me for years, but now it's worse than ever.

I had been prescribed Adderall XR for years, on and off, and I know a side effect of it is heart problems, even failure! Which has me even more concerned. I've also been on Methadone at a clinic, for 6 years, at 90 mgs. All my problems started around the time I started Methadone. I've been off it for a little over 2 years now, but seems my body has had permanent damage done to it...

I had gone to my PCD on 8-10-2017 and told/showed him that my left foot has a big red area developing on it and starting to hurt. He basically just shook off what I was saying as if it wasn't serious and told me maybe it's sprained, when I asked him if it is... Also told me there's nothing you can do for it. It was a big mistake I didn't speak up and tell him what I need, not asked... The next day I asked to stop by for a referral to get X-rays. I had X-rays on Friday, 8-11-2017, and I made sure my PCD office got the results faxed, again, on Monday. Of course the doctor's out on vacation til 8-21-2017, today, so I couldn't even get the x-ray results... Unbelievable, but doesn't even matter anymore because I know it's something way worse. Probably to do with water retention and poor circulation. I hope nothing worse!

I have water pills my PCD gave me last year when I was having very swollen lower legs, but didn't end up needing them. It says to use them by February 2017, but numerous people told me they're still fine to use... Started one last night and took today's this morning. I'm praying it helps! Otherwise I have to to the ER. When I woke up this morning, they were a lil bit better because I finally caught up on some sleep and had them elevated all night.

Please give me any feedback from what you think may be the problem. If it doesn't get better by tomorrow morning, I'm going to ER and my Primary Care Doctor.

Wish me luck! Better yet, please send me positivity and prayers!

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I am a much older female, I have had vasculitis since 1998. The first symptoms were the swollen feet and ankle with a rash even more pronounced than yours, atrial fibrillation and joint pain, episcleritis, etc. etc. I was not diagnosed until 2007. I had an unsuccessful 12 month cyclophosphamide course and have since been on Rituximab infusions bi-annually, prednisone, beta blockers, anti-arrhythmia drugs etc. I rattle! I have been much better since I have been on the Rituximab but you can't cure vasculitis, it is a case of management. I am fortunate as I am treated at a top vasculitis specialist clinic. I had to fight to get a diagnosis eventually going privately to different specialists for each symptom.

Try to reach a vasculitis specialist, take your photos and note all your symptoms. If you do have vasculitis it is very important to be correctly treated and managed. It is a dangerous disease without proper management. Try the vasculitis helpline on this site. Many of the volunteers on this site are very knowledgeable and will advise you. Don't give up and don't be fobbed off by doctors with no knowledge of this disease. Good luck.


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