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When Walking, feeling like stepping on to a deflated Balloon or a bubble sheet!

I am 80 years old, very healthy, no major complaints of health except for the following discomfort. I have a Teetotal life style, pure vegetarian, non-smoker and a minimum food consumer. I have 80 kgs weight, good sleeping mode, standard appetite and pleasantly enjoying my old age. Recently developed a problem with my feet, when walking, I feel like stamping on bubble sheet, no pain, no irritation buy the general balance for walking is reducing. There is good sensitivity on feet as I can feel even a small hurt on the nail area is painful. But this feeling on the bubble sheet or feeling as id stepping on the deflated balloon is horrible. Walking is fine but long time standing increases this funny feeling. What you have to share with this situation?

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Hello, so do you have Vasculitis or think you may?


I think I know the feeling exactly, bubble wrap or sometimes like having dry sand under my toes. I am 74, absolutely not teetotal or vegetarian! I too weigh 80kg. and I have had vasculitis for 20 years; MPA. The funny feeling under my feet has developed over the past few years, not painful but rather uncomfortable and strange. Not sure if it has anything to do with the vasculitis.


I have had a similar sensation when suffering from vertigo. I now get it when I get really tired and I think it's because my brain struggles to keep the vertigo at bay when I'm exhausted. When I had vertigo badly betahistine (Serc) helped but I find rest is the best way for me!

Best wishes!

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Look up Morton's Neuroma. I first experienced this at the beginning of a very bad flare. I rest with my feet elevated, which helps, but it never is completely gone.


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