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Infectious update

Hey all,

I've had my stitches out, they've not closed the punch holes so it was pointless having them in. I now have two deeper & wider holes.

Nurse said I will need it packed every week now.

I have been given a prescription for some


She said it's for necrotic skin infections ? & soft tissue infections as I have heavy amounts of exudate.

I asked about MRSA & Cellulites... so this Friday I have to go back to see the nurse again & go from there..

If not any better I'll need stronger antibiotics.

I've asked for a Wound Culture & Swab so I can put my mind at rest. Nobody has offered to properly check it for bacteria etc so if I don't ask I won't get.

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Better late than never I suppose. Necrotic skin infections are where the tissue is dying - and that is what was probably causing the smell you mentioned (if that is what you meant by putting in the question mark).

Onwards and upwards...


Thanks PMRpro, I've done a little research, & have a much better understanding. As the nurse didn't give me a yes or a no if I had the neurotic infection I can only assume maybe I have. As that's what the gel dressing is for

Yes the only way is up :)


Sorry that its not healed up yet. Sounds like you are right to give the medical people a bit of a push.


Hey Charlie. I read your post about seeing the specialist. I'm glad it went well. & they were thorough. :)

Umm no not feeling anytime soon, but hopefully this gel dressing will do the trick. Can't wait for some progress :)


Nurse today has given me some saline, gauze, gloves, & gel to dress my wound myself over the weekend, it's still quite bad, but I have to go back on Monday morning to see her again & she's booked me in with the doctor at the same time. Read about the gel & it's meant to heal the wound from the inside out, also helps with Necrosis of the skin. The holes remind of volcano's. Staying positive x


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