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How it can feel getting several autoimmune disorders

A: I called at your old place and it was all boarded up. I thought you’d be there forever.

B: Me too.

A: So where are you now?

B: In hell.

A: Is that far from your old place?

B: Much closer than I'd imagined.

A: You are there by yourself?

B: I guess so.

A: Maybe I could come and visit?

B: I wouldn’t if I were you.

A: Oh, why’s that?

B: You might end up having to stay.

A: That’s OK, I could catch the first bus out in the morning.

B: There is no bus out.

A: Oh!

B: There’s not even a morning.

A: Maybe we can chat on the phone instead?

B: Sure, that would be nice.

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