Something's Twisted

Hello everyone hope your week has been kind & gentle to you all ♥️

Umm, I'm struggling, I know I'm waiting on my appointment to come through the post. But something inside me feels twisted.. eating is a no no.. felt like a knot at first but now every time I drink & eat I get this burning acidic pain.. it's bloody awful

I haven't eaten now in 3 days, apart from a complan shake which took me hours my right rib cage has been a nightmare the last week in half. Below it now I have terrible pain, unbearable at times. I can't eat!

Sounds a little dramatic, but I don't get any pain until I eat. It's like a throbbing gurgling pain under my rib cage not sure what organs are below it but it's unfamiliar to me. I can't drink coffee or tea. A few sips of water this morning but ended up throwing up bile. 🙁 it's like my right side is like a bubbling pot, & I get the odd movement under the rib cage. It's swollen, I've just got over the flu.. and was coughing a lot thought it was bruised but this feels more under the rib not the actual cage.

As soon as I start eating & swallow it feels sore as hell. 20 mins after food & im crippled in pain.. I'm

Too scared to eat. It's been every time I've consumed food & fluids.

In this heat I need it too keep up with fluids but it's a painful nightmare.

Can vasculitis effect the stomach.. or organs like the gut.. intestines & pancreas?

Feels like I have a scotch bonnet in my belly. Constantly burning, rumbling but with pain, I know when your hungry your stomach makes sounds but mine feel like mini electric shocks!

God what's happening to me..


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  • The way you describe it sounds terrible Laura - I would advise you to go see your GP immediately and if you can't do that then get down to A&E. Under the right rib cage is your liver amongst other organs. But it doesn't sound right and can only get worse. Seek immediate medical attention - please.....

  • Thank you Brantuk, yes I think a trip to A&E today is most important. Been up all night in crippling pain. It's like a volcano !

    I've just been sat talking to my parents about how it feels, & they both have had there gallbladders out as my mum had multiple stones & my dad had 3 very large ones.. I said I've been in agony & you never told me ! Not hereditary is it.. x

  • I had similar pains as you describe it was my gaul bladder. Which was removed go to a&e

  • Oh god ! Thanks Simon it's nice to know someone understands the "pain" sorry to hear you had to go through it!

  • Gall bladder not gaul - can't blame the French for everything! But DO GET MEDICAL HELP SOON.

  • Oh gosh Laura. Yes get help,ASAP x

  • Hey Ludo, my neighbour made an awful comment I found it funny.. laughed it off.. " you need shooting"

    Mind you I wouldn't mind being put to sleep for a few months so I can get some sleep, no pain.. & Hope for a miraculous recovery haha!


  • I know that feeling Laura! It would be nice to wake up to find everything is ok. Shootings a bit drastic though! Ha ha.

    Hope you got to see a doctor yesterday and your ok.

    Poor you. x

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