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Not Diagnosed - could there be a connection with vasculitis

Investigation online has brought me here my Inflammatory markers up on blood test last week .Have had ongoing heart failure symptoms ignored , pulmonary hypertension after & before sudden MI 12 yrs ago. This is still happening .Test results often don't show problem & reason I am having difficulty with final diagnosis & Primary Care, I suspect as involve chronic cutis acute 3 weekly .

Also policies causing severe problems in GP surgeries one issue at a time, 10min appt & non transferral of hospital apps when moved .

As these involved disability- spina bifida occult , no access to social care help and rotation of antibiotics could be why I am still going from pillar to post.Mother had very severe multi infant dementia [ Alzheimers] which was left till too late too .

Before she had had polymyalgia rheumatica diagnosed .Often wondered whether also had GCA .When I was given prednisone for stroke symptoms before MI recovered immediately . From my late father who was a pharmacist ?.

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Your medical history sounds very complex and it's impossible to give the answer to your question with the information you have given unfortunately.

Please feel free to phone or e mail the VUK helpline and either John or myself will try to help.

Best wishes



Left a message.I am falling into Never Never land it is a nightmare .

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Hi try to message them again am sure they will get back to you soon .


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