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Back mri and back specialist

Just a update.Had my ncs and emg test.Was told at the end my left side was abnormal and that she would recommend a back MrI and that she would recommend I see a back specialist.Not sure if this will diagnosis cns vasculities which has been suggested ???

😐still awaiting further blood tests with hemotologists and possible full body ct scan has also been suggested.

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A back specialist will have no experience of CNS Vasculitis ( I take it they are talking about an Orthopaedic surgeon ).

You need to go to either a multi disciplinary Vasculitis clinic or a Neuro that has experience in CNSV such as Dr Kidd. I am not sure what other info we can give you.


Thank you for reply.Had a bad few days.Have booked doctors appointment and will mention Dr Kidd then,then it will be a case of waiting for an appointment and getting an answer from him.


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