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Hi to Casii, Footygirl and all the other members who encouraged me. I went to the hospital today for my results. I am one of the lucky ones, it seems that rather than my optic nerves being swollen, I have strange optic nerves, but healthy, they are peculiar to me. To help the hospital with the diagnosis, the doctor was young and enthusiastic, I bought a memory stick and went to the opticians in the town, whom I'd seen over the last 5 years. They put all my disc results on the stick so the doc could check. It has been a hard week, I so realise what you are all going through either waiting weeks or going through treatment, the symptoms you feel daily, the not being able to live life how you would like to. I have had my share with cancer and a tissue heart valve but today I'm relieved. Look after yourselves my friends. I wish you all the best. I'll still look out for your posts. Thanks

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