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My consultant has said about going to see a immunologist and possibly a full body ct scan.

I have said I would prefer a mri.

My white blood cell count is 7 and the normal range is between 3 and 5.

I am also have been requested for more blood tests at my hospital.

My consultant did not tell me which blood tests they are.

Does any one know,what they are likely to be for???

Thanking you in advance xx

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As I understand it, the CT scan and MRI scan work in different ways and can show different things. I had both before diagnosis and also an ultrasound as the vasculitis stopped the iodine in the CT scan from working. This was the first indication after months of 'normal' blood tests that I had vasculitis. The only thing that had shown on these blood tests was that I had a raised Rheumatoid Arthritis factor. With all the tests and scans I had, I feel quite confident that everything else inside me is okay!! The doctors also need to see what may be involved in our problems. Why don't you want the CT scan?


I have experience of bad reaction to iodine which they use for ct scan.Also the last xray scan I had I had a bad reaction to that my tongue was in pain for sometime afterwards so it had to be from the radiation,my doctor could not give me any thing for the pain.So I suffered for weeks.So the thought of having a ct scares me for having any reactions from it.thank you for your reply.


I can fully appreciate your concerns but linjoyfrench has quite rightly pointed out that the two types of scan are used for different purposes. A CT is best to viewing skeletal components, diagnosing lung and chest problems and for detecting abnormalities such as lesions and tumours. An MRI is used to examine organs and soft tissues such as ligaments and the spinal cord.

The dye is unlikely to have been iodine but a gadolinium marker which enhances the contrast in the images. I've not come across anyone having an adverse reaction but it is possible to have a CT and MRI without but obviously it may make diagnostics more difficult.

Blood tests only form part of the picture when diagnosing and treating vasculitis but it's invaluable to ask for copies, especially if you need to be seen at another hospital. There is help to understand what the various tests are for on the V-UK website and we have a comprehensive document in the Files section of the Facebook support group which I'm happy to send to you if you don't have access. Unfortunately, blood test results can be normal even when vasculitis is active so they are not seen as a reliable indicator.

If you have specific enquiries and would like to speak to someone about your concerns then please call the helpline on 0300 365 0075

Healthy wishes.


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