Newly diagnosed with PSV - it's taken eight months of being really poorly and having many tests and multiple medications for pain

Hi one week since diagnosis and I have been on high doses of prednisolone for 3 weeks and taken my first dose of Methotrexate 3 days ago. My stomach is really bloated and feel nauseated 24/7 any thing that may help this? ( have taken folic acid) last night kept waking through night just feeling yuck! Many thanks Lynne (51yrs)

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  • Hi Lynn,

    Due to the large number of medicines l take, my Consultants prescribed Laprazole which l take before breakfast. Mention your queasy feeling / upset stomach to your Consultant or GP and l'm sure they'll prescribe this or Omeprazole which is basically the same.


  • Thanks I will do 🤗

  • I had a coated version of pred so did not need a PPI such as Laprazole as the pred gets down to the gut before being absorbed.

  • Thanks I'll maybe ask for my next script to be coated prednisolone 😊

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