swolen face

Hi everyone.

What next do we have to put up with.

Over the weekend I had pain in my ear, mouth and chin on the left hand side. Was busy packing and re -packing boxes after the builders and painters had finished. Suppose I should have been resting more.

Yesterday morning woke up with my lower lip swolen, and very painful. Not just my lip but all the chin area on my left hand side. It subsided a little bit as the day went on but this morning was worse. Can hardly speak or eat.

I saw my GP yesterday morning who doesn't know what it is !!!!!!!!!!!! He said I have glue ear on the left hand side and has given me a course of 500mg Amoxicillin and said it might help deal with whaever this is.

Has anyone ever heard of this sort of result from either the GCA or the Preds.

My GP also said I must start to reduce the Preds, well sorry, I will do that when I haven't got a raging head cold or something like I have now. Does he really think I want to stay on them ????

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  • It didn't occur to him to send you to someone who MIGHT know what it is? I wonder why he plumped on glue ear - yes adults CAN get it but I didn't think it is that common.

    If it is worse today than yesterday - and gets worse again tomorrow I'd be off to A&E. Since it is unlikely your GP will have a light bulb moment...

  • Hi PMRpro.

    As yesterday, the swelling as gone down a lot as the day has progressed. I think sleeping on it overight, with the resulting pressure is what brings it up so much, but I havemydental appointment tomorrow so will see what she has to say. I am going to ask for another Doctor when I next go to see my GP.

  • Ouch, that sounds painful. I moved house and had the stress of Christmas at the same time, (plus work), and my whole face - which already resembles an overfed hamster, swelled, by eyelids - all of it. My face was tender to touch, but not I think to the extent you have mentioned.

    I reduced Preds as instructed by the rheumy, on Christmas Day actually - and yep had another flare and was signed off from work on the 12th for a month - so if you do not feel ready to reduce I suggest you wait.

    My swollen eyes have reduced now, the usual Pred swelling remains. I went back up and am now getting ready to reduce more slowly. My Rheumy said 2.5mg and I am now going to drop by only 1mg rather that having a higher possibility of a 'flare'.

    If you are concerned I would definitely see a doctor who seems to care or go to A&E. We tend to just accept that we feel ill, when really our GP's should be supporting our care.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you Leslie.

    My eyes have been swollen for months now, I sometimes find it difficult to see, in fact most of the time.

    My daughter looked online and actually came up with a possible name for the face suddenly swelling. The name is Angioedema and seems to fit. There doesn't seem to be a treatment, but it only seems to last a few days. Hope so anyway.

    I know I have been stuck on 35 mgs of Pred for quite a while, but that is because of 3 head colds, one after the other.

    The GP doesn't seem to undestand. I have yet to see the Rheumy for my next appointment. I know he too will be disappointed, but I don't intend to make myself worse because of their lack of understanding.

    I too look like an overfed Hamster. Our only consolation is that eventually, if we can reduce the preds, we will hopefully get back to normal.

  • Hopefully Jean, your Rheumy will be more understanding. Mine will not tolerate me getting headpain - both the Rheumy and the GP seem 'happy' for me to have some musclular pain in exchange for reducing preds (down from 40 in June to 17.5 now), but any head pain and I have to increase again, which has happened twice now. I don't think work has helped to be fair.

    SO onwards we go, like you I have a cold at the moment which brings me down really quickly, but looking forward to Summer, when this first awful year (the Rheumy said the first year would be crap the second almost as bad and the third a bit less crap! - blunt but honest I guess), will be over - but remind myself there are a lot worse of the me.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • You know - I like the sound of your rheumy! No empty promises and if it is better you'll think he over-egged the pudding!

  • Definitely, but he better duck if the 3rd year is just as bad!!

  • :-)

  • Hi Leslie.

    Found out today my problem is caused by an abcess. Am taking antibiotics and hopefully the problem will be over in a couple of weeks.

  • How Paiful, hope you feel better soon !!

  • So sorry haven't had this yet but many other weird thing are happening. These doctors know little and certainly you do not reduce in the face of inflammation I will have that discussion next week when I tell my rheumatologist I didn't reduce because of herpes. We need doctors that can think out of the box.

  • Dear j-e-a-n,

    I could be barking up the wrong tree here but....You mentioned that you were clearing up, after builders. Well could there not be something as 'simple' as an allergy to a product/chemical that they used? This would 'tie in' with your suffering more, in the morning, and it 'wearing off' during the day; I.E. when you are further away. Well surly it's worth checking, at least.

    Since it IS still in January I'll wish you a Happy new year.

    Hope 'things' do work out for you.

    Kind regards AndrewT

  • Thank you Andrew.

    I don't actually clean now, as I have had to get a cleaner, being unable because of my condition( or maybe the remedy), to do it myself

    I had a dental appointment today and have found out I have an abcess which has caused the problem and in now in hand. Very misleading really as my teeth and gums are not sore, just my face.

    Best wished


  • I'm almost glad to hear this, though this probably isn't much help to you.

    Best wishes anyway-hope all goes well, for you.

    Kind regards


  • Try allergy tablet too as sounds like an allergic reaction to something!

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