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Thank you Suzi and Andrew for your replies. Thank you for the support and wishes and good luck with your personal cases.

Lynn on the helpline was a great help and I've read the whole VUK website front to back.

Full bloods & specific urine for kidney screening underway. Skin biopsy done today. Some blood and protein in urine. Currently say kidney function ok. More results tomorrow.

Lynn has provided Consultant contacts in Manchester and Liverpool, so we will see how much Vaculitis experience the Renal consultant has when we meet him tomorrow.

Purpura rash spreading from lower legs to upper and buttocks. This is a concern as it is 10 days since it appeared and some studies say it could reduce from c10 days.

Thank you again for the help, concern and advice.

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Well done getting the biopsy and referral done so quickly. So glad they are monitoring the urine and I hope you have a successful appt tomorrow.



Dear Yeprat,

I'm glad that my, somewhat limited, advice was of help to you. I'm relieved that your 'Purpura' is being taken seriously. (I have heard of cases when it has been 'dismissed' as 'Just a Rash'.)

All our thoughts are with you Yeprat.

I wish you well, for the future, please do 'stay in touch', will you?



I'm so glad you are getting some teases done to find out what is going on. I knew Keyes would be really helpful, she is amazing!!! Take care suzi

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