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Can anyone tell me what a CT centric angiogram is,I have been having trouble with stomach cramps for almost 2 years, I,ve had a colonoscopy,which was clear, and an endoscopy which showed a Hiatus Hernia, but my Rhuemy thinks I may have narrowed blood vessels in my stomach which may or may not be related to my Vasculitis. I really hate needles and the Unknown,and was wondering just what is involved with this angiogram,and is it the same as an angiogram which is done for a heart bypass.

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  • I have had a CT angiogram to check the blood supply to my bowel. If it's the same then they put a cannula in your arm as you need an injection of radio opaque dye for the vessels to be visualised. It only took around 5 mins in total and wasn't much different from the other CT scans I have had.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thankyou so much for the reply Keyes,I must admit I was quite apprehensive about it,had all sorts going through my mind,sounded painful and a long job,but I did know someone on here would know all about it, does save a lot of worrying if we can get an answer from " one who knows " I think what I am having would be more or less the same as the one you had,so once again Thankyou very much. l,ve had so many test recently it can wear you down.

  • I think I am lucky as I was a nurse for over 20 yrs so I understand all the blood tests, scans etc and know what to expect. It does become overwhelming though.

    The CT angio of my bowel was clear, my problem has been severe abdo pain after eating. Thankfully Infliximab infusions have helped.

  • I've had a CT Angiogram, and is nothing to worry about, while I was in hospital undiagnosed with Vasculitis.I was told before the dye was administered through a canular that I may feel the need to pass urine but is only a feeling and also feel a warmth through my body as the scan took place, but I didn't feel anything, all very relaxing.

  • Thankyou for your reply,it is always helpful to hear from others ,

    I have now been given to understand , an Angiogram can be taken on other parts of the body other than for heart related problems, i e mine is to "evaluate my coeliac axis " and the Angiogram for whatever reason is pretty much the same, It would help greatly if consultants explained these meanings and the procedure at the time of consultation, of course we could ask what it means,but so often we don,t think of it until we get home. Many thanks.

  • Dear jackrussell,

    I can't remember quite what this test involves-I have had most, if not all, of them-but I really wouldn't worry too much. In my experience the Doctors/Consultants/Nurses are VERY good at putting you 'at ease'. I have had some 'potentially awful' procedures, very greatly, helped by the kind staff-be this tubes in my arm, pies up my bum (yes even that one), radioactive dye infusions etc.

    So please try not to worry, too much, Jack-I KNOW that is far easier said, that done!

    Please do let us know how 'things' went. I honestly do you send my, very best wishes.


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