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What sort of vasculitus does this sound like?

ANCA positive.


Tiny blood vessels under tongue rupture occasionaly.

Tongue feels strange.

Numbness in fingers.

Numbness in feet and trouble walking.

Double vision.

Long term stomach problem like ibs. May not be linked as was long term.

Stroke and seizure.

Kidney failure.

I'm just going over facts and history and re checking what I know to make sure nothing got missed.

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Not sure if this helps but here we go, I have AAV which is Anca associated vasculities in my case that means a high positive Anca I have a drop left foot due to nerve damage also numbness in right foot kidney damage,numbness in my fingers etc.

I think the correct way of describing my vasculities is GPA and MPA it's still all a bit new to me but I hope this helps.

Just to mention I have the following items checked on various occasions ears,eyes,heart,lungs and kidneys.


Hi, as above really. I am ANCA positive MPA, have kidney, lung, ENT slight involvement,

Numbness in both feet and right hand, hand slowly resolving. Get small vascular sores occasionally and some underneath bleeding into my skin lower arms.


Hi I have A.N.C.A Positive MPA .Have kidney involved numbness in both feet and in both hands . Also breathing difficulties .


I have all those above eccept the dropped foot but I have cryglobiananima


Check your symptoms against all the vasculitis variants in this document.. ..


Dear Luggsey,

In answer to your actual question 'What sort of Vasculitis is this', my answer is simple 'F....d if I know', sorry to be a bit crude but vasculitis yes, almost certainly, but what sort......Now that IS the question! I had a skin rash, on my legs, for years- undiagnosed until I collapsed, that is! The other symptoms do sound very akin to vasculitis, to me, and clearly to 'everyone else' too.

Is this yourself, your referring to, or someone else- a family member perhaps? Whoever it is I do wish them well Luggsey. meantime take care of yourself.



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