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Vasculitis Awareness Month

I was going to say something about the start of May and Vasculitis Awareness Month yesterday but ended up having a difficult day so not much was done by me.

Amanda is putting a display table together with Vasculitis material in Manchester Infirmary. So if you are visiting the hospital look out for it.

So what can you do to tell people about Vasculitis?

If you would like a Stronger Together posters or leaflets, send you name and address to

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Can you send me some 'Vasculitis Awareness' literature please Jann?  I may well be able to get some of it Displayed, in some local shops.  Maybe even Headway Essex, I'll have to ask.

Many thanks AndrewT


Thanks Andrew. happy to put some in the post. Can you send me the address to which the should be posted. Thanks Jann


Can I 'Email' you with it Jann.  Although John & Susan do know it.


Many Thanks


ooops it is


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