Raynauds symptoms

Hi, I've just read something really interesting to me on Arthritis Research. Once of the symptoms of vasculitis is Raynauds (which I have been told I've got, as well as other autoimmune disease). It stated that feet and hands more at risk. I do know I have symptoms in my hands, the white numb fingers turning red and burning hot, but I didn't know that a red pen like line at the base of the nail bed in feet was a symptom. I always wondered why I had these red marks on my toes. Now I know. Don't know what they do but hey ho, we can't have everything.

Babs x

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  • Have they established whether it is primary or secondary Raynauds? Mine disappeared for years while on higher doses of pred. It's blooming well come back this winter...

  • No not told anything, just that I have it. I will ask when I see rheumy in a couple of weeks.

    Sorry to ear our having problems with it this winter. Keep warm.

    Babs x

  • Dear babssara,

    Yes do keep warm-not that it has been that cold recently, at least NOT were I am anyway, East Anglia.

    Look after yourself and have a Great Christmas/Happy new year.


  • Red marks could also be chilblains? My Raynauds is better on higher doses of pred - and even on lower doses (or it could just be that my husband's heating the house better and I'm not out in all weathers looking after a horse any more!)

  • Babs

    I've had raynauds since age 25 now 73. With the predisone I am so warm actually any movement and I sweat. Very different than always freezing. Rather be cold but this is what we are dealt.

  • Funny you should say that about pred. I too have been really warm and not too troubled with Raynauds.

    Have a lovely Christmas


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