I have wg since July 2014. I was feeling quite well after the fourth infusion of rituxan that i get this july. For a few days i am feeling that my sinus is flaring. I am having pain in my cheek bone,tickling on my nose and some times runny nose like water dripping from my nose it doesn't happen all the time it come and goes away.I am using apo-mometasone spray for six months with that i was feeling good.I am wondering if is thst common cold or sinus.What do i have to do any suggestions?

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  • The problem is we are all different and so are our symptoms. Earlier this year I had cold, but after a couple of weeks it was apparent to me that I had an infection in my sinuses. I saw my GP who prescribed some antibiotics. The antibiotics worked and it was then clear the symptoms were not due to a flare of my WG.

    If you feel like you have sinusitis you probably have, best to get it checked out by a doctor. Best wishes.

  • Thats what i was thinking that i should have to see my doc.Thanks

  • Good question Monica: I live with the same question...have been asking myself this for years. Am getting the hang of distinguishing between these things. My Rheumatology lupus & Vasculitis clinic lists sinusitis amongst my most relegant diagnoses. I'm constantly managing things on a daily basis with the Neilmed sinus products ENT prescribed years ago during a sinusitis flare that coincided with osteomyelitis in my upper jaw. What a life

  • have just had sinusitis myself, turned into a flare which has taken a month of high dose antibiotics and prednisolone to return to some sort of " normal ", So beware of the sinus problem,I didnt have a cold ,but did have a cold sore, didn,t have a cough or chest problem, but did have a rash, and a sore nose.

    Defining the difference is the problem. Sinusitis or Vasculitis. I always seem to have a sinus problem prior to a flare, but don,t always have a flare with sinus problems.

  • Just had a thought, looking back at past questions, time and again Sinus problems rears it,s head. I expect this is a silly question as I,m sure someone will quickly tell me, ( and I won,t mind a bit ) but have any trials or research looked at why the Sinuses seem to be so heavily involved,

    other symptoms from all the different strains of Vasculitis are on varying parts of the body,but the Sinuses along with blood vessels seem to affect all of us which ever group we belong to. Most of my flares have started with pain in my Sinuses. It is just a thought so apologies if it,s a " silly " question.

  • Good question: hope someone replies!

  • No its good question i think we all are looking for the answer.

  • Would be interesting to see what Maxillo facial consultants or dentists who understand Vasculitis of all or any types would comment (ONLY if such specialist experts do indeed exis.)) I feel that this belongs to the domain of Vasculitis, which is a complex condition. ENT..not sure what tests they could run? A biopsy? has anybody had a biopsy? I seem to recall reading some posts before. Clearly, this is a recurrent subject and I do suffer from it. (More on the right side not the left)

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