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should I take methotrexate with a cold?

Hi all

I was diagnosed with Churg Strauss just under three years ago and I am currently on Methotrexate and Plaquenil, which I have responded to very well, I have been stable for about two years. At the moment I have a streaming cold, the first I have had since diagnosis (!) - should I take my methotrexate today as normal or not????

Any suggestions gratefully received!

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Hi sarahdollygirl,

As far as I am aware as long as you don't have a bacterial infection which requires antibiotics then it should be ok to take your MTX, do you have access to a Rheumatology specialist nurse that you can phone to check?

You may find that it takes longer to recover from a cold whilst you are on immunosupressants and you will need to have a low threshold for seeking medical advice if you start to feel more unwell.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi sarahdollygirl, I started on 25mg methotrexate approx six months ago and I've had one proper head cold and one sinus infection requiring antibiotics since. I didn't stop taking methotrexate either time but I checked with the nurse specialist and the GP to make sure.

Get well soon.


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