My Dad

Hello everyone

I've come here a few times for support regarding my Dad who was diagnosed with MPA last April. I live in India and was so excited to be coming home and look after him in just 2 weeks.

He went for his usual 2 hour walk yesterday and we believe collapsed on his return home.

He was found by a friend this morning who I asked to check on him. He's currently in intensive care unable to breath unaided and has sepsis and pneumonia.

The doctors have told me to come to see him. I'm heartbroken. Why does life have to be so cruel and why didn't the doctors make sure his last chest infection was cured.

Please everyone pray for a miracle for my lovely Dad 😞

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  • Karen, I am so sorry to hear your Dad is so poorly. I will keep both of you in my thoughts and hope that he makes a full recovery.

  • Thank you Keyes

  • I am an ex ITU nurse as well as part of the VUK Helpline team. If you need to chat please let me know and I can PM you my phone number.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Lynn.

  • Hi Karen, my Mum had a similar experience, she contracted the awful fungal pcp pneumonia which is common in imunosuppressed people.

    Please stay strong for you Dad, my thoughts are with you.


  • Thank you Paul, he is having help with his heart, breathing and they're just about to put dialysis in. ICU nurse said he's very critical and I need to fly home soonest.

  • My Mum also had a heart attack and kidney failure, hopefully your Dad is strong enough to fight through this, my Mum ended up very disabled after her three week itu stay and twice on life support. I hope he pulls through. Paul.

  • So sorry to hear your dad is so very poorly. Please do talk to Lynn x

  • Hi Karen, I'm very sorry to hear that your lovely Dad is so poorly and do hope that he pulls through. Being such a long way away from your Dad is very hard, I know that from experience. Stay strong and hope you get home very soon. xx

  • Hi Karen I'm sending a pray for you and your dad. I lost my mum last year and I know how difficult this is. We are here for you. All healing wishes being sent to your dad

  • Thank you for your support and good wishes everyone. Miraculously, Dad left ICU yesterday and was transferred to the renal ward. He is doing well, just hoping he will make a full recovery now and be able to have a good quality of life.

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