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Another question, sorry, I seem to be full of them. I get a very strange sensation in my right eye ( the same side as my Arteritis flair). Whenever I sneeze or blow my nose I get the feeling that my eye is bulging out. Its as if there is pressure behind the eye ! I did see an Opthalmologist some weeks ago who said that he there was a chance of the beginnings of Glaucoma, but I need to go back for a field test. Any thoughts ,most welcome.

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Not sure if this page from the website will help at all.



Thanks Susan, all a bit over my head to be honest lol, still none the wiser. Maybe I should ask G.P. ?


Dear Lin-63,

Glaucoma is a serious, but treatable, condition where-very basically-the pressures, in the eye, got 'haywire'. My father has had it for, some years now, and only require eye-drops, morning and night-along with a few hospital 'check-ups', naturally.

I don't think that, once you are 'identified'-as it were-there is too much to worry about. I mean we could all worry ourselves, to death, couldn't we. (the list, of possible 'complications-on Vasculitis alone-is 'eye watering'. Without drug 'side effects' , other diseases-we are 'at risk' of-skin cancer (do to the imuno-suppressants)....Need I carry on? No didn't think so!!!

So, to put 'things' into context, yes there is some risk-big deal, put it with all the others.

I send you my best wishes, hope all goes well.


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Bulging out of the eye is called expothalmus. It's most commonly caused by thyroid disease but can have other causes. Have you mentioned it to your GP?


Not yet. Will have to though I think. Many thanks Keyes x


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