Another question, sorry, I seem to be full of them. I get a very strange sensation in my right eye ( the same side as my Arteritis flair). Whenever I sneeze or blow my nose I get the feeling that my eye is bulging out. Its as if there is pressure behind the eye ! I did see an Opthalmologist some weeks ago who said that he there was a chance of the beginnings of Glaucoma, but I need to go back for a field test. Any thoughts ,most welcome.

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  • Not sure if this page from the website will help at all. vasculitis.org.uk/living-wi...


  • Thanks Susan, all a bit over my head to be honest lol, still none the wiser. Maybe I should ask G.P. ?

  • Dear Lin-63,

    Glaucoma is a serious, but treatable, condition where-very basically-the pressures, in the eye, got 'haywire'. My father has had it for, some years now, and only require eye-drops, morning and night-along with a few hospital 'check-ups', naturally.

    I don't think that, once you are 'identified'-as it were-there is too much to worry about. I mean we could all worry ourselves, to death, couldn't we. (the list, of possible 'complications-on Vasculitis alone-is 'eye watering'. Without drug 'side effects' , other diseases-we are 'at risk' of-skin cancer (do to the imuno-suppressants)....Need I carry on? No didn't think so!!!

    So, to put 'things' into context, yes there is some risk-big deal, put it with all the others.

    I send you my best wishes, hope all goes well.


  • Bulging out of the eye is called expothalmus. It's most commonly caused by thyroid disease but can have other causes. Have you mentioned it to your GP?

  • Not yet. Will have to though I think. Many thanks Keyes x

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