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Oxford Vasculitis Seminar March 29th 2015

Oxford Vasculitis Seminar March 29th 2015

Really interesting, informative and excellent Oxford ‪‎Vasculitis‬ Support Group meeting yesterday - around 40 attended this meeting... .....

Speakers were Prof Raashid Luqmani - discussing the training website for assessment of Vasculitis ( BVAS/VDI) ,

Dr Christina Ponte - giving an update on the RUDY Project ,

Dr Lorraine O'Neil - an overview of Vasculitis ,

Research Nurse Jennifer O'Donoghue - The role of a research nurse in studies of Vasculitis......

plus Stephen, speaking about his own personal story of being diagnosed with Central Nervous System Vasculitis (an extremely rare type of vasculitis) ‪‬ and living with Vasculitis. Stephen's presentation was excellent and just gave a brief insight in to what it is like to be diagnosed and live with this type of Vasculitis.

We met some old friends and made some new friends.

Just wanted to say thank you to Sue for an excellent meeting and for inviting us both.

Susan :-)

We also collected the cheque from the "Valley Girls" , they have been fundraising for 4 different charities, and raised over £80,000 in total. This is a photo of the cheque presented to VUK. The total still keeps rising.... The Valley Girls are on the front cover of the VUK Spring newsletter.

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I'm so envious. Unfortunately, such an exciting event does not exist further afield (quite understandably) as eminent clinicians live around their bases (mostly in the South East). I dislike going to social meetings...


I think most of the Vasculitis support groups , in the North and the South try to have a "mixture" of meetings, maybe one social one formal per year. Last October the East Midlands Support group invited two doctors, Dr Lanyon and Dr Pearce to speak, which was excellent also in November of last year the Cambridge Support Group invited Dr Jayne to speak. The Yorkshire and Lancashire support groups both had speakers this month.

. We do try to include feedback in the newsletter for those who cannot attend the meetings. see pages 23 and 24 of the Spring newsletter 2015. :-) for the Cambridge and East Midlands meetings.


Suzy, thank you so much. I will certainly keep an eye on any future events run by V-uk. I'm grateful of your hard work and the helpful link. Much appreciated.


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